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Hair Extension Application  


Balmain Hair Extensions are an innovative method of adding volume, colour, creating texture or adding length to your natural hair, the possibilities are endless. Balmain extensions offer an extensive range of extensions and hair pieces providing you with endless creative opportunities to achieve beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.


Balmain Hair offers an extensive Professional portfolio. The ranges include Prebonded extensions, ring extensions, tape extensions, wefts & clip extensions. They are available in 100% Human Hair and revolutionary Memory Hair. The brands within the portfolio are Balmain Fill-in extensions and the DoubleHair family of products. We have a collection of over 70 colours available from natural shades to fantasy colours, including fabulous ombre effects.


During application a small, highlight size extension is taken and added to a highlight size section of you natural hair. These are joined together using our Bond or Ring. The bond can remain in place for up to 3 months and will not damage your natural hair in any way. The extensions can last 3 to 4 months depending on the natural hair growth, aftercare and maintenance. The better care they receive, the longer they last. Double hair may need to be re-fitted more regularly, depending on the natural hair growth.


During the 3 to 4 months it is normal to lose a few extensions or the odd bond may become visible, this is due to your natural hair growth. To compliment your home aftercare regime and help you keep your extensions beautiful, we recommend a regular maintenance visit to your extension stylist. This could be every four to six weeks and your stylist will re-apply any extensions that have fallen out or become loose. This will ensure they stay and look great. We recommend a full removal must be done around 3 months. This is because as the extension grows down the hair shaft, the bond begins to show and your natural hair loss is held inside the extensions. If they are not removed at this time it could cause damage to the natural hair. Doublehair may require more regular maintenance; we recommend Doublehair is re-fitted every 6/8 weeks. To validate the exclusive 6 month quality guarantee on our human hair products you need to use the Balmain Hair aftercare products.


Removal is a simple procedure, which does not damage the hair in anyway if performed by your Balmain Extension Stylist. A removal solution is applied to the Bond either manually or using the Balmain Quick remover, the bond disintegrates and the extension is removed. If the Ring System has been applied then your Balmain Extensions Stylist will remove the extensions using the Ring Squeezers. Your hair is then brushed thoroughly and shampooed, conditioned and blow dried. Balmain Guarantees the condition of the HUMAN HAIR extensions for 6 months when the recommended Balmain aftercare regime is followed.

Failure to do this can damage the extensions and invalidate your guarantee. The good news is that your stylist can re-apply a percentage of the extensions using the Balmain Rebonds or Ring system, therefore re-application is very cost effective, significantly lower than the cost of your initial extensions application.


Long beautiful hair is a sign of radiance, health and luxury. To maintain your Balmain extensions in premium condition just follow these simple steps and your hair will remain radiant, healthy and beautiful.


When brushing your hair it is always better to use a large soft bristle brush. The Balmain brush is recommended, as this will ensure the hair does not snag or catch your extensions or natural hair, as other types of brushes might. Using the recommended Balmain brush will leave the hair shiny and in optimum condition. We recommend that you begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid length and finally brush the root area. At night time gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles and knots.


First brush your hair thoroughly, then soak with warm water, we would suggest that you do not turn the head upside down but always wash from the crown down. Next apply shampoo, we recommend using the Balmain cleansing shampoo. Distribute your normal amount of shampoo at the root area; gently massage in small circles over the scalp area, this will cleanse both the natural hair and your extensions. There is no requirement to scrub the mid-length or ends as these will be cleansed sufficiently during the rinsing process. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Pay particular attention to the bond area to ensure thorough rinsing.


All hair needs conditioning whether natural or extensions. To condition we recommend you apply Balmain conditioner every time you wash your hair. Apply the conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, do not apply to scalp or bonds, gently massage, distributing the conditioner thoroughly.

You can brush the ends using your soft bristled brush. This will help ensure every hair is coated thoroughly with conditioner. You should leave the conditioning treatment on for a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly with warm water. You should consider completing your after care routine with Balmain Shine Spray as a finishing spritz, or the Balmain Hair Mask, as a once a week treatment.

Towel Drying

After rinsing squeeze excess water from the hair and wrap a towel around the head and gently pat towel to remove moisture from hair, avoid rubbing at scalp and hair. Next gently brush hair with soft bristle brush, beginning at ends, moving to mid-length and then roots.

Drying and Styling

You can leave the hair to dry naturally or blow-dry. If using a hairdryer we suggest that you use a low heat and a soft bristled brush to style. Once dry, you may style using Carmen Rollers, Hot Sticks, Curling Tongs or Hair Straighteners. NB 100% human hair and memory hair up to a temp of 160° only; do not use these styling methods on Fibre extensions.

Do not sleep with wet or damp hair; ensure if drying hair naturally that the hair is fully dry before going to bed. Sleeping with wet/damp hair may cause matting to extensions and natural hair.

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